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Home Recording VS Professional Studio
“Home recording = demos. Serious recording takes thousands of dollars and a studio.”

I come across a lot of people on the web who think the whole “home recording” industry is a sham and the most you can do at home with this affordable gear is just make a great demo, but not a pro recording. I think this is just ignorance! First of all, I know top major label bands who have recorded great albums (Grammy award winning) at home. Second this myth shows blind belief in the biggest Myth of the recording industry........... that more gear and money spent equals better recordings, which is just not true.I’ve said it a million times before, but a good recording is only as good as the song, the arrangement, the musician, and the creativity put into it. But the gear is not the limiting factor…YOU are! A great example of this is famous singer/songwriter Ari Hest. Being a major label musician Ari has spent plenty of time in studios with great gear making recordings. But during some downtime before his latest album was to be released on Columbia records, he decided to toy around with some recordings in his New York apartment.He picked up a $100 M-Audio interface and a $100 microphone and used Garageband on his laptop to record what later become The Green Room Sessions, self recorded, produced, and mixed EP which Columbia picked up and released immediately!!!!! He pretty much embodies the mindset of “I am what limits my music, not gear”. No Excuses…Don’t let these recording myths hold you back. Just tune out all the noise and instead spend your time making music. You’ll only learn more, get better at it, and have fun. And ultimately isn’t that what making music is all about?

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